XAGE – Zero Trust Security for the Real World

Secure, manage & transform OT, IT and cloud operations. Deliver zero-trust local access, remote access, and data security.

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Zero Trust Security for the Real World

Xage delivers zero-trust identity and access management, securing existing
systems and data while protecting on-site and remote-first digital transformation.

Today, real-world and industrial operators are experiencing transformational change focused on highly automated data-driven operations and remote-first working. The past network-layer isolation security methods are insufficient, exposing vulnerable OT systems to the risk of cyber-attack. Xage provides zero-trust solutions to cyber-harden operations and underpins transformational change.
A revolution known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 is underway. Industrial companies deploy intelligent systems composed of devices and software applications that cooperate and with humans in real-time. These systems can contain new devices with robust security controls and currently installed devices, e.g., PLCs, RTUs, HMIs, meters, and sensors, that provide limited and varied security capabilities. Furthermore, as operations and enterprises embrace data-driven automation, data and interactions need to be protected edge-to-edge, to the cloud, and across the ecosystem.

Xage helps protect existing operations against the rising tide of cyber-attacks and enables the future of highly connected Industrial IoT.

Michael Dolbec

Senior Managing Director, GE

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