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The privacy-first data governance SDK is designed to put your most sensitive data to use while keeping it secure and private.


With Oasis Parcel, you can:

  • Build a trusted product
  • Quickly deploy secure data infrastructure
  • Share & analyze without risk
  • Comply with regulation 


Confidential Compute Made Easy

The Parcel SDK comes with a built-in dispatcher, which makes it easy to spin up an isolated environment for privacy-preserving computation. With access to cutting edge secure-enclave technology, data can remain confidential and protected at every stage of the lifecycle.

Flexible Integrations

From web apps to infrastructure stacks, the Parcel SDK can be integrated with a broad range of services and technologies. With support for Typescript, the Parcel SDK can easily be added into your development flow — no custom languages or complex systems to learn.

Immutable Audit Trail

Powered by a decentralized ledger, Parcel provides an immutable record of all actions taken, so you can ensure your data is being used in a compliant and responsible way.

Robust Policy Language

Parcel uses basic primitives to make it easy to support responsible data usage and proper governance in your tech. Quickly set detailed policies and constraints on how data is used and consumed across your company and in your app

Use Cases:

Secure Data Infrastructure

Parcel empowers companies to build trusted infrastructure, with strict controls on how apps and users can access datasets. Easily integrate Parcel into your existing stack or use it to control access to your more sensitive datasets.

Data Sharing Trust Layer

Parcel’s privacy and governance primitives allow you to share data with partners and unlock new business opportunities with limited risk and tight control. Policies limit and control data usage, while confidential compute environments ensure your raw data is never exposed.

Regulatory Compliance

Parcel’s policy language and strict access policies allow you to quickly build a secure and compliant infrastructure. From HIPAA to CCPA to GDPR the Parcel SDK is able to address a broad range of compliance needs and requirements while ensuring your data remains useable.


We’re really excited about the upcoming data-tokenization API. When combined with Parcel’s compute environment and flexible system of grants, it really sets Parcel apart from the competition. Parcel is not the only way to share data using blockchain technologies. There are various utility tokens that can provide access to data, however Parcel lets you share data with the necessary restrictions to preserve privacy and value.

Simon Overell

CTO and co-founder, Human.ai

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