MediLedger – Trust & Automation Between Companies

Automating transactions between trading partners in the Life Sciences Industry through the MediLedger Network


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Industries:Health Care


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The MediLedger Network

Contracts & Chargebacks

Eliminate chargeback errors & disputes by enforcing contract business rules between trading partners

Product Modules

Roster Management

GPO roster validation and integrated identity data (HIN, DEA, 340B) automate membership management

Contract Communication

Contract updates shared in real-time between trading partners ensure greater pricing and chargebacks accuracy

Claim Adjudication

Chargebacks accuracy enforced before leaving the wholesaler along with automatic management of credits & resubmissions

The MediLedger Network

The MediLedger Network combines a secure peer-to-peer messaging network and a decentralized blockchain network to be the ultimate bridge between trading partners

Business Rule Enforcement

Ensure your business rules are enforced for data and transactions you receive from trading partners, fixing mistakes at the source.

Privacy First Design

Maintain total control over your data and who you share it with. No solution provider is needed to sit between you, your data and your partners.

Aligned Industry Master Data

Rely on industry-wide master data where you and your trading partners are aligned on data meant to be shared across the industry.

Secure Peer-to-Peer Messaging

Depend on secure real-time messaging that automates direct transactions between companies


We are committed to developing and leveraging innovative solutions that create compelling, frictionless experiences for our customers and their patients. Being a part of the MediLedger Network and implementing blockchain technology is a crucial step forward in our digital transformation journey here at Cardinal Health.”

Ray Bajaj

CTO, Cardinal Health

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