Inspire – The move to clean energy

We make it easy for your home to access clean energy. No interruptions, no installations

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Inspire is making a global net-zero carbon future a reality.

Understand your usage

The average U.S. home generates 16,500 pounds of carbon emissions (CO2e) every year, making up nearly 20% of all US greenhouse gas emissions. We’re here to help change that.


Minimize your footprint

We purchase renewable energy certificates from wind and solar facilities to match your energy usage, reducing your carbon impact, and increasing the demand for more renewable energy on the grid.


Make an impact

When you switch to clean energy, it’s measurable. Just one year can be more impactful in reducing your footprint than 10 years of recycling.

I’m was so excited to see a company like Inspire offer 100% renewable energy for a great price! I’ve always said if companies would be competitive from a price standpoint, they would make up any revenue with the number of customers they’d pull from other companies. Thank you Inspire for being one to take the leap! Perhaps other companies will follow, and everyone will choose to go green!

Bonnie O

Sagamore Hills, Ohio

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