Hyland – Blockchain Secured, Digital Credentials

Get a complete system to issue digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.


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Industries:Education | Health Care


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A new generation of digital credentials offers transformative convenience and security for all stakeholders through the use of open standards and blockchain-based verification.


Blockchain Security

Blockchains offer a new public infrastructure for verifying credentials in a manner far more durable, secure, and convenient than relying upon a single authority.

Blockcerts Benefits

The open standard for blockchain-based records ensures interoperability, recipient ownership, vendor independence, and choice of any blockchain.

Industry Solutions

Every sector issues credentials with specific needs and form factors. Hyland Credentials has unique solutions that enable your organization to develop branded templates, automate credential issuance, and learn from your credential data.


Issue official records in a digital format that students can share and have verified anywhere. Diplomas, transcripts, examinations, and badges all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.


Issue professional credentials in a digital format that people can hold and share directly when needed. Credentials have your custom branding, metadata, and verification by QR code to facilitate screening and movement across institutions and borders.


Modernize governance by equipping people with digital licenses & certificates, identity documents, and other government records that build opportunity-driven mobility for citizens.


Issue health records in a digital format that physicians, patients, and others can share and verify anywhere.

“It was the perfect confluence: technology developed at MIT and a vendor who was aware of MIT’s culture as a community that values learning, at a time when a comprehensive record of lifelong learning was an evolving need.”

Mary Callahan

Registrar, MIT

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