Foghorn – AI at the Edge

Powering Organizational Sustainability with Real-time Insights

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AI at the Edge – Powering Organizational Sustainability with Real-time Insights

Why FogHorn Edge AI Platform

FogHorn’s Lightning™ Edge AI platform embeds artificial intelligence locally, at or near the source of streaming sensor data. The highly compact and feature-rich Edge AI solution delivers unprecedented low latency for onsite data processing, real-time analytics, ML and AI capabilities in the smallest compute footprint. FogHorn offers a fully integrated, closed-loop edge to cloud solution, rapidly iterating ML models to adjust to changing operating conditions.


FogHorn’s hyper-efficient VEL complex event processor is optimized for data enrichment and real-time analytics at the edge. Its flow-reactive programming language delivers the highest data fidelity and lowest latency in the smallest footprint

Edgified Machine Learning

Edgification™ Technology binds models to streaming, enriched data, relocating pre/post-processing logic to FogHorn’s CEP, and leveraging an edge-optimized expression language. This reduces model sizes by up to 80% and improves performance.

Bridge to OT

FogHorn seamlessly integrates with industrial systems, easily taps into tribal operator knowledge, and offers an OT- centric toolkit to create a flexible, powerful intelligent edge that enables fast time to value.

FogHorn set the tone early in edge intelligence and machine learning for IoT by shifting the mindset of “cloud-first” to “edge first. Now, you can see it extending its leadership position with “edge to the cloud” to deliver the most powerful and cost effective approach to edge AI for industrial organizations.

Ian Hughes

Senior Analyst for the Internet of Things Practice, 451 Research

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