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You are welcome to share this on Your favourite Social Media Platform is an enterprise AI platform that unlocks the value of health data.


We license AI modules and create products for a portfolio of clients, including payors, pharma, and providers.

  • Scale faster, securely, and at a lower cost.
  • Drive engagement through personalized healthcare experiences.
  • Unlock the value of health data with privacy-preserving solutions.


Accelerate your research by starting a decentralized and remote real-time mobile-based clinical study with real-world data.

Mental Health

Modernize your mental health offering with Serenity Clinical Builder and its accompanying conversational AI app.

Return to work

Navigate a safer journey back to the workplace with the Passport solution, a secure, private, customizable app.


Genewall helps users gain an understanding of their genetic makeup with a genome browser that uses edge AI to ensure privacy.

Our goal is to improve consumers’ health and wellbeing as well as simplify the healthcare experience through innovation and has helped us deliver on that. They are relentlessly focused on the end user, whether it be through personalized experiences or placing data in the hands of our users while ensuring privacy. We’ve seen quantifiable impact during our work thus far with and look forward to doubling down on our commitment with over the next five years to continue to bring enhanced tech capabilities to the organization and value to our customers.”

Rajeev Ronanki

Senior Vice President, Anthem

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