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Accurate and reliable on all materials with pieces up to 40 cm. Delta WASP 2040 PRO is the powerful and versatile delta 3D printer you need every day.

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Delta WASP 2040 PRO

Create quick prints with the strongest technical materials with a professional 3D printer Delta WASP 2040 PRO. The high-quality mechanics and the Spitfire extrusion system make it a useful tool for digital fabrication.

Delta WASP 2040 PRO is manufactured in aluminium and PMMA, with undeformable steel-cored belts. The machine contains all the quality and innovation of WASP, with Spitfire extruder configurable for the longest prints of technical materials.

The machine is provided with a system of autocalibration and a rectified printing bed that grants the best performances in time.

The printing driver is suspended for making the print faster and minimizing the weight on the moving parts. The machine contains all WASP systems for the recovering of the prints as Resurrection system, Free Zeta system and the end-filament sensor.

The message is: “small, subtle thoughts take shape”. Working on the small to dream big, that’s how we financed our project. Every WASPer who bought a Delta WASP 2040 saw in small what we dreamed big. Often, by printing with the extruder for clay, small imaginary dwellings.

Francesca Moretti

Public Relations Officer, WASP

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